Educational Assessment Services



Mrs Florence Osero SNE Co-ordinator                                                                  Mr. George Omoro  

                   Mrs. Florence Osero - EARC District Co-ordinator            Mr. George Omoro - District EARC Assessor                  

 This is a department which deals with special needs education.

Its main functions include-:

Assessment and placement of learners with special needs in schools and units, Guidance and counseling of parents, supervision of integrated/inclusive programs, Establishment of units Updating the headquarters on the special education activities in the district, Makingreferrals for medical examination and treatment, Sensitization of community on the needs of special children, Running seminars/workshops for teachers ,field officers and local administrators and Giving professional advice to District officers on special education.


EARS is a department in education which is directly funded by the ministry of education, it is unfortunate that the district has not yet received funds since it started in 2009 hence making the operations of the department very difficult.

The department doesn’t have an office from where to operate. At the same time assessment tools an d equipment are not available.

Our district doesn’t have any boarding special school especially for the mentally challenged learner which has led to most of our learners to be locked out of school. Of recent most learners whom we refer to the MH schools around our district are sent back to us because the schools are already full.


Message to Well wishers:

We are advocating for any well-wishers to assist put up an office equipped with assessment tools and equipment. At the same time we need some funds to run the department‘s activities.

We are also in need of at least one boarding school for the mentally challenged learners .We are requesting for a donor who may be willing to assist us put up one school in the district.


Ministry of Education




The district was created in the year 2009 having been …

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